Located about 2 miles to the west of Kandy Royal Botanical Garden is every nature lover’s paradise. In the central province of Sri Lanka, about 147 acres in an area this garden also attracts approximately two million visitors every year to Sri Lanka and most of them for seeing the wide variety of Orchids which is abundant here. Situated near the Mahaweli river, this park has more than 300 species of different plants. Medicinal herbs of different ayurvedic importance are also plentiful in the Botanical gardens here. In the height of just 460 meters above the sea level, the garden holds flora from all over the glove. Just standing there and viewing this majestic garden is treat to your senses.

The origins of Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya goes back to 1371 AD, courtesy of King Wickramabahu. Renovated and flourished by Alexandar Moon in 1821 this garden holds unique diverse plant variety. Many different varieties of Palms and Avenues surrounded by it is also graceful. With over 4000 species of plants, Royal Botanical Gardens is a place you won’t like to miss in Sri Lanka.

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