Spice Gardens

Sri Lanka is well known around the globe for fine spice production on a large scale hence also called the land of spices. Sri Lanka cultivates more than 15 different varieties of spices in their Spicy/Spice Gardens. The country then exports these different spices all over the world in global markets. Spices play a major role in the economy of this island Nation. A destination where the spicy aroma of numerous diversity fills the atmosphere, spice gardens are the favorite places to be for tourists visiting Sri Lanka for authentic and unique experiences. The cuisine of Sri Lanka is also different from that of other Asian countries. With pure spices and fresh coconuts, you can take some delight in your tour to Sri Lanka.

Visiting Sri Lanka without savoring the local spices would be a missed opportunity. People from far and wide visit these gardens to give a treat to their senses. And you guessed right, Sri Lanka never fails to deliver. Along with the organic spices, people here also cultivate some medicinal herbs. Well, to list these productions we certainly have a long list in front of you. You can contrast between different herbs and spices that you use in your daily kitchen and maybe get some tips on using them. Cardamon, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, vanilla, and cocoa are some products that you will like to buy here. With little chance of duplicate products, you can set your hopes high in finding the best spices.

Why Buying Spices in Sri Lanka?

Well, no one can answer this question of why not. Here are some of the reasons why you should shop for spices from the spice garden.

*Get chemical-free products straight from the garden.
*Get tips on storing and using these spices.
*The greenery in the gardens is a good way to relax.
*Compare and contrast the spices here with the ones back at home and know better about spices.
*Enjoy delicious food from local restaurants using these spices.

There are many spice states all over the nation. Choose an authentic and less crowded area to make the most of it.

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