Galle Fort

Galle Fort in Sri Lanka has a long history of singing itself. You will have an adventure of a lifetime your whole time there and on the way. Initiated in the 16th century, this magnificent piece of Sri Lankan history has a lot to say within itself. Seen the attacks and the defense of the era of different nations, Galle Fort is a novel reciting time. It flourished and certainly added its significant components like watchtowers, camps, and all under Dutch rule. The last ones to leave the fort were the British in 1948 when this island nation gained independence. In your time here you can also visit the Dutch churches, colonial villas, hospitals, and the clock tower.

Reaching the Galle Fort is as adventurous as being there. You will have to take the gully road surrounded by adventure. Driving on the highway, you can see a turtle hatchery near the highway. You can stay here for some time and even release the newly born turtles in the ocean. Also along the way, you will have a chance to experience the ancient Sri Lankan art of pole fishing. The iconic scene goes in the photographic films of most of the visitors. You can also stroll around the Galle market before entering the gates of Galle Fort.

Once you make an entrance to the fort, you’ll have so many components not to miss there. The entrance in the outer face has the logo of British monarchs. Similarly, there is a carving of the VOC symbol of the Dutch East India Company on Galle Fort’s inner wall. Experience the medieval history of Sri Lanka through the colonial era at the fort. From different buildings to Architecturally inspired structures, You can have many many memories of this place. The living historical Countryside of Galle is just another piece of a treat here. Stroll through the locals and peek into their art of living. With multi-ethnic people living within the walls, there is unity among the residents. Visit the countryside Mosque, Maritime Museum, antique shops and restaurants around. Enjoy the peaceful view of the waves of the Indian Ocean hitting the Valliant walls of Galle Fort.

Major Attractions

Galle Fort Walls

Dutch Reformed Church

Galle Lighthouse

Galle Fort Clock Tower

Maritime Museums

Galle International Cricket Stadium

Countryside Mosque

Galle Fort Ramparts

Cultural Events (organized within the fort)

Shopping (Boutique shops, Art galleries, Antique shops, and Souvenir stores)

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