Phobjikha Valley

Lying in Central Bhutan on an elevation of 3000m on the west side of the Black Mountains is Phobjikha Valley. This vast glacial valley is best known for its marshland in Bhutan. Similarly, Phobjikha Valley is famous for its unique culture and beautiful monasteries.

Gangteng Valley is another name for this valley because of the famous Gangteng monastery. This Valley is also considerable for its pleasing landscape and popular hiking trails. We can also observe the rich flora and fauna of this place highlighting the Black-necked Crane.

Main attractions:
  • Crane dance in different festivals.
  • Gangtey Hiking trail which includes Gangteng monastery.
  • Mini hike as  ‘Gangte Nature Trail’ from Mani stone wall to the Northen side of Gangteng monastery. (1.5 hrs).

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