Bagan is an ancient city rich with history lying in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. It was the ancient capital of the kingdom of Pagan which is the modern Myanmar now. Now it’s no surprise that this historic city flourished in Burmese culture and Theravada Buddhism as well of diverse ethnicity. Over the period people invariably inhabited this beautiful city in the banks of Irrawaddy. Tens of thousands of historic temples and monument lies in this city of Bagan.

The big kingdom of pagan was scattered, and eventually, after Mongol invasions, a fallout couldn’t be prevented. However, this small settlement which was also the religious and commercial center of the ancient times became an important site of historical and spiritual pilgrimage. Only a few temples of Bagan age later than the 17th century, hence much of the temples are old and art rich. Man temples are undergoing reconstructions from the destruction of different scale of earthquakes over the years. Today more than 3,800 temples small and big remains in the broad area of Bagan. These temples hold many religious artifacts within it.

Indeed, over the last couple of centuries a bunch of things have changed and improved in Bagan. Many temples here are undergoing renovation, and some of the ancient architecture is now no more. Because of the government latest area updates and developments with modern facilities, Bagan couldn’t make it to the UNESCO world heritage site. However, Bagan is always in the short-list as most of the extended areas of Bagan has many things to offer from the unexplored regions. One can say that Bagan has many beautiful and vital temples reciting history after he visits this wonderful land.

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