The Golden Rock Temple or Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is one of the most significant destinations for Buddhist pilgrims over the world. Located in Mon state, Burma the temple is a structure that visitors love to stare at all day long. Built on the top of a granite boulder there is a rock and a 24 feet pagoda on top of it. The stone which looks like levitating the whole Pagoda is completely covered by gold. The entire manipulation and add-ons to this magnificent natural beauty is an art and imagination at its finest.

Translated as the ‘Pagoda upon a hermit’s head’ the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda has a history explaining the Pagoda. Lengs says that when Lord Buddha was visiting different locations in Asia, he met a hermit by the name of Taik Tha. He chose a life eradicating lust humanly and followed the god. Lord Buddha gave him a strand of his hair before leaving. Taik Tha then gave the strand to the king of that time who had supernatural powers. The king found a rock at sea that resembled the head of Taik. So he took the stone and placed it in a place that is today, with the strand of Buddha’s Hair. He then built the Pagoda we see today and also covered the whole rock with gold.

Whether, the Legend of the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, is true or not no one can deny the Mystical Pagoda here. Similarly, you can also enjoy the landscape and Panoramic view of the lush jungle surrounding it. Geographically the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is one of the most impressive places to visit in the whole of Myanmar. This majestic rock and stupa glow in different shades from dawn to dusk. One can visit the Golden Rock Temple in the full moon of March when pilgrims perform special rituals. They light about ninety thousand candles on the platform of the pagoda and also offer incense and fruits to Lord Buddha.

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