There are precisely only a handful of places on earth that you will like to wake up every day better than Bagan. The perfect sunrise just wherever in the city you are is the best way to kickstart your day. Especially if you are in a place where there is a sea of pagodas, you will love to get a glimpse of rays of sun falling into these pagodas. With a sweet organic honey tea or a freshly-brewed coffee sunrise pairs well. In your next visit to Bagan here is a list of places you will like to rise and shine.

1. Lau Ka Ou Shaung temple

Get out of the resort bed and hike a little to reach this majestic temple. A place not crowded often and covered in lashes of nature, the temple plain is the place to be. With a great view of the vegetation and the Bagan Plain, you will have a peaceful and fantastic sunrise view.

2. Shwesandaw pagoda

Shwesandaw Pagoda is a famous place for both sunrise and sunset views. The outstanding architecture of the perplexing temple is another bonus for you. For the best picture, you have to get up early and walk up to it. The plain of the Pagoda is vast, so you’ll have enough space for yourself.

3. Ta Wet Hpaya Temple

If someplace is challenging to reach and still crowded, you must know that it’s got something. Similar is the case with the Ta Wet Hpaya Temple. Situated at a slight distance from the main road, you may struggle a bit to reach there. But all the struggles are worth it once you enter this Temple. The outstanding view of sunrise starting from the horizon of the Jungle is a treat to your eyes.

4. Nagayon Pagoda

There are many less ventured pagodas in Bagan. If you want a private space and time to inspire yourself with the Pagodas, this is a place for you. The well-preserved shrines here will also be a unique experience. At quite a bit of height from other destinations, this pagoda provides a glorious sunrise view.

You can also follow the monk’s rituals if you are early enough in the pagodas. Also, the sunrise photographs from these places are just magnificent.

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