The small city of Mingun lies just 11 km from the west banks of the Ayeyarwady River in Myanmar. Mostly popular for Mingun Pahtodawgyi, this pagoda would have been the largest in the world. However, the completion of this stupa stopped when an astrologer foresaw the death of the King as soon as it was completed.

A project of the 150metre pagoda hence remained unfinished. Now the sketchy part of the stupa stands there ravaged by the earthquakes. One can merely adore the planning and the partial structure of the stupa. It was a huge construction site.

Due to the cracks in the stupa, it’s logical not to go up the steps here. However, you can glance at this majestic structure from a near distance with safety. You can also see the projected stupa structure as Pondaw Paya. It reflects how the stupa was meant to look like once finished.

Nearby is the Mingun Bell, the largest ringing bell in the world. It weighs 90 tons, and it was supposed to be on the top of the Mingun stupa. After walking for a few minutes, you can see the Hisinbyume Pagoda with its unique architecture. Named after a princess who passed away during childbirth, This white stupa is a must-see monument here.

Major Attractions

Migun Pahtodawgyi

Migun Bell

Hisinbyume Pagoda

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