Ngapali Beach is one of the exquisite beaches in Myanmar. Known for its expansive white sandy areas close to nature, this Beach stretches about 3km long. The water on the beaches is clean, and so is the environment around Ngapali Beach. The marine ecosystem here is safe from any dangerous animals so you can roam freely. With smooth sunshine over your head, you can lose yourself and relax on this beach. Located only about 7 km from Thandwe, Ngapali Beach is a proper paradise for beach lovers in Myanmar.

The beaches in Myanmar are hardly crowded so you can also have personal time in Ngapali Beach. You can walk in the countryside too if you are looking for local delights. Visit the Thandwe Market and try some fresh seafood there. Visit the fishing village and experience the local art of spearfishing. Take a boat and visit nearby islands too. Also, view a fantastic sunset on the distant horizon from Ngapali Beach. Visit the clay potters and learn some pottery in the Kinmaw Village. Cruise in a boat upriver to Thandwe and mingle with Nature. You can rent a bike and stroll around Ngapali to peek at the local lifestyle from close.

Ngapali Beach is also a favorite spot for Hot air balloon take-offs. A flight from here is close to the jungle canopy and a great chance to view migratory birds. You can also rent a Kayak and stroll around the beaches here. A new golf -course is also present close to Ngapali village. You can also go golfing on the course close to nature. Don’t forget to try the local cuisine and end your day in the resorts near the beaches.

Major Attractions

Hot Air Balloon ride

Sunset from the beach

9-hole golf course

Souvenir shopping at Thandwe Market

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