Located in the western side of the Inle lake, Indein Village is one of the five major villages surrounding Inle lake. These villages play a significant role in preserving the ancient Pa-O culture in Burma. Also famous for the two groups of ancient pagodas in the village, Indein Village is accessible from the Inn Thein Creek. A long and narrow canal ride in this creek is an adventure to remember. This eight-kilometer boat ride is only possible in wet seasons when the water level is sufficiently high. Indein Village and other villages surrounding Inle are also famous for the”5-day market.” This market takes place every five days turns in every village. If lucky, you will get a chance to experience it.

Pa-O people are lovely and dependent on agriculture and domestic trades for lifestyle. You can also view the beautiful crop lands surrounding Inle and peek into their farming methods. The locals preserve their pagodas and also take them as their identity. You can step into some of the unique architectural Pagodas here at Indein Village. Similarly, One can view the beautiful sunset from the Inle lake.

*Major Attractions

-Pa-O culture and Traditions
-Markets involving the villages around Inle
-Well maintained Pagoda groups.

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