The name Kalaw came from the Philippine Hornbill birds which the locals in Burma call Kalaw. Kalaw Village is in the hilltop location and is a popular destination for trekking from the Inle Lake. Located about 50 km from the famous Inle; Kalaw Village was an essential location for commerce during British colonial rule.

It is a peaceful place, and most people love to hike here in the summer season. If you want to take beautiful hill memories with you, then Kalaw Village is an ideal destination. With the scenery, all around you will love a proper descending hike of two days to Inle Lake.

Kalaw Village is also famous for the Green Hill Elephant Camp. A place where there are dozens of retired Logging elephants living together. A step of humanity to conserve diversity, This Camp is a place to be for Nature lovers.

Guests can also interact and feed the elephants in the camp. One can also see the lifestyle of the Mahouts(elephant handlers) residing close to the camp. You can indulge in short treks to the jungles and plant a tree there. This Village will give you the next level of satisfactory memories so you shouldn’t miss it on your trip.

Major Attractions

Hill lifestyle and scenery

Green Hill Elephant Camp

Hike to and from Inle

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