One of the most eminent archeological sites in Myanmar, Old Bagan is a land of undiscovered treasures. Amongst the oldest settlement areas in Myanmar, Bagan was the ancient capital of Myanmar. With so many temples and ancient ruins, one can compare the old Bagan with Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Old Bagan was open to the tourists only recently so you might still discover undocumented monuments here.

Attracting more tourists than any other place in Myanmar, this gem of a place recites the history of Burma. Similarly, Old Bagan’s pagodas and ancient monuments cover a large area making it an adventure packed navigation. Cutting straight through the lush Jungle in the heart of Nature Old Bagan is a trip to remember. From any spot, you can have a magnificent view and amazing Natural scenery in Old Bagan. You will have a pre-historic Jumanji like experience combined with Nature in Old Bagan.

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