The beautiful broad Inle Lake lying between the two mountain ranges is a popular place in Myanmar. One of the most touristic areas in the whole of Burma, Inle Lake is a whole nation in itself. Together with the breathtaking scenery and Natural beauty, people are also attracted by the local tribe inhabiting Inle Lake. Some 70,000 Intha(people of Inle) live in the floating village of Inle. A different ethnic diversity and divisions lie within these tribesmen, most of whom are Buddhist by religion.

Inle Lake is rich in aquatic ecosystems too. Over twenty rare species of snail and nine species of fish only found in this lake dwell Inle.  You can enjoy the sights of extremely skilled fishermen in their narrow boats fishing in the lake. In the restaurants open on the shores of Inle you can indulge in the fresh catches of the day. Alongside fishing, local handicrafts are also best-selling materials supporting the local economy of Inle. You can buy your souvenirs in the floating market at the western end of Inle Lake.

One can also enjoy the unique experience of floating farms on the lake. If you are lucky enough you will get a chance to experience the festivals of Intha. Boat racing and cultural dancing are some of the attractions on these occasions. In a clear sky, you can enjoy the reflection of the blue sky and moving clouds in the lake. Any spots here also provide the visitors with picture-perfect sceneries so better bring your camera. Inle is a place to be for you to experience the hidden side of Myanmar.

Major Attractions

Intha People and their festivals (during festive season)

Floating Gardens

Nyaung Shwe township Area

Fishing Activities


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