Mount Popa is a semi-volcanic mountain located in central Myanmar or more specifically in the region of Mandalay. It’s a structure which in clear weather is visible from a long distance from the Irrawaddy river.
Mount Popa is famous for the Nat temples and relic sites on top of it. Pilgrims visit these Nat temples where Nat sein spirits are said to be resting in these shrines — being at the height of 1518 meters you can also view a wide range of the Jungle view from the top of the Mountain.

According to myths of Buddhism in Myanmar, Nats are former human spirits meeting tragic ends. Different Nats had their own story and cause of ending. Pilgrims here come with offerings that are suitable for these Nats. Due to the worship and excessive Pilgrim activities here, people often refer to Mount Popa as the Olympus of Myanmar.

One of the Major components of Mount Popa is the hill of Taung Kalat. Taung Kalat is a place you will visit as a part of Mount Popa Itself. There are over Five types of Dry, thorn, and Sandalwood forests in the periphery. Also an abundant place for the Macaque monkeys who roam the place Mt Popa is home to diverse wildlife.

Birds like Blue-throated Barbet and Red-billed Blue Magpie attract Nature lovers from all over the globe. Pilgrims mostly make offerings and perform rituals in the hills of Mount Popa on the two specific full moon occasions in a year. For non-religious visitors, it provides a glorious view of landscapes and wildlife viewing activities.

Major Attractions

Nat Temples

Relic Sites

Popa Langur Monkey

Diverse Flora and Fauna

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