Situated in the Taunggyi district of the Shan state in Burma, Pindaya is famous for its preserved cave temples. A popular touristic destination that combines history and religion, it is a complete destination. Pindaya came from the word Pinguya which translates as “Taken the Spider” in Burmese. Local legends say that once a big spider dwelled in the caves here. It kidnapped a princess batching in the nearby lake. Later, the prince from Inle came and rescued her killing the spider with a bow and arrows in the process. The exclamation now is the name of the place.

Pindaya also provides a majestic Natural view from its base. With versatile Flora and fauna occurrence, the whole city is abundant in small ponds and lakes. The Pindaya caves here attract thousands of tourists every year. A place for understanding the history of Buddhism in Myanmar, these caves are full of Buddhist sculptures. You can also buy organic, local honey and even sip coffee from a local brewery here. Finally, you can end your day with a pleasing view of Pone Taloke Lake.

Major Attractions

Pindaya Caves

Local Market and lifestyle

Plan Beekeeping center

Pone Taloke Lake

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