The last royal capital of Burma(Myanmar), Mandalay is also the second largest city here. On the banks of the Irrawaddy River, Mandalay is also an important commercial center of upper Myanmar. One of the few places where you can experience a tropical climate in Asia is Myanmar. However, in Mandalay, you can feel both tropical and almost semi-arid climates due to the topological situation.

After Myanmar was independent of Britain in 1948, Mandalay remained the cultural center of the whole nation. Myanmar also consists of three of the prestigious universities of Upper Myanmar. As the British developed this city mostly for commercial purposes, the city was among the prior developed regions in Myanmar.

A city full of glittering shrines and pagodas, it is more conservative and diverse than other regions of Myanmar. With so many components vibrant with culture, one can lose themselves in the streets here. Similarly, there are also ruins of the Second World War colonial era from the Second World War to visit here. As this city gets its name from the nearby Mandalay Hill, you can have a full-stretch view from here.

You can also gulp in the arts and architecture of the robust and stunning Mandalay palace here. Stroll in the Kuthodaw pagoda consisting of a whopping number of 729 white pagodas here. You can also try Chinese cuisine with some Burmese twists in the Chinatown in the downtown areas. Mandalay is also a starting point for the popular cruises in the Irrawaddy river.

Major Attractions

U Bein Bridge( U Pain Bridge)

Kuthodaw Pagoda

Cruising in the Irrawaddy River

Chinese downtown streets

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