Flying in a Hot Air Balloon is among the most adventurous things you have to experience in your life. And there is no place better than Myanmar to do it. Hovering in the sky of Myanmar and soaking in the delights, you will make a memory to remember for a lifetime here with the outstanding views of majestic Pagodas, Natural sceneries, lush jungles, settlements, and overall the whole of Myanmar in brief in your short trip. As a popular activity in Myanmar, it’s hard to resist the rising balloons once you are on the ground. The sky was packed with multi-colored balloons and the land beneath us with beauty.

Fascinating views of lakes and waterfalls, outstanding landscape and sceneries filling the horizon; What less one could expect from flying above the sky? Once you are in the air, you will have a feeling that you are a bird. With the views and scenery from the balloon, you can sense your mingling with nature. Whether it is the floating gardens of Inle or the bustling streets of Mandalay, you get them all. Similarly, above the high hills and along the river beds you will get a chance to relive Myanmar. Among many take-off spots, you will love to try a hot air balloon in Ngapali. Here you will get an opportunity to get close to the forest canopy and watch birds.

The safety of a balloon is the foremost priority. Each hot air balloon has an experienced and licensed pilot. There are fixed routes to avoid any complications. Anyway, you can view outstanding scenery and see important monuments. The most popular places to take off are Pindaya, Inle, Bagan, and Ngapali. You can also buy binoculars in the shops here.

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