Kakku Pagoda is a complex of pagodas of more than 2000in number near the Inle Lake. In the heart of the Shan state, this majestic destination attracts thousands of tourists every year. With some of the pagodas aging more than 2000 years back, most of these Pagodas were from the 14th century. A pilgrimage with the idols and shrines of divine power, Kakku Pagodas is a must-visit destination in central Burma.

The pagodas here are of different sizes and architecture and are also a treat to your senses. In this vast area, you can lose yourself and feel the positivity here. One of the handfuls of naturally picturesque places in Myanmar, Kakku Pagoda is a delightful Nirvana for visitors.

Established by Pa-O people, are the locals residing in these areas in the south of Shan state. Located only 26 miles south of Taunggyi, one can easily reach the Kakku Pagodas. Gifted landscape-wise you can view the Blue Mountain ranges from here. The villagers here are friendly and proud of their culture and traditions.

You can see these Kakku Pagodas from any spot around the village region. You can also have a unique experience of the lifestyle of local tribesmen and their dependence on nature. As tourists are only recently visiting these places, you can discover undisturbed monuments and shrines here.

Major Attractions

Kakku Pagoda

Lifestyle view of the Pa-O tribe

Pagodas and natural scenery

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