One of the present great three Gelug monasteries in Tibet, Drepung Monastery is in the foothills of Mount Gephel. About 8 kilometers west of Lasha, Drepung Monastery is also the largest Tibetan monastery in the world. Founded in 1416 by one of Tsongkhapa’s foremost disciple Jamyang Choge Tashi Palden, Drepung Monastery is Elite. Once the largest monastery in the whole world, Drepung Monastery is home to 7,700 monks. Along with Sera and Ganden, Drepung Monastery is a place to visit for appraising Tibetan Buddhism.

Artichture wise spotless and with an alluring landscape, Drepung Monastery is a thoroughly worth experiencing destination in Tibet. Similarly, the art and carvings in and around the monastery are amazing. The Murals in the walls and also the splendid Thangkas makes the place unmissable. Historically too Drepung Monastery holds a story of the Chinese revolution. Almost losing their spiritual credibility as they had to perform and operate in the close inspection in 1950’s the Drepung Monastery is now the institution for the finest monks in this land. It’s also significant because the Dalai Lamas before fifth ruled Tibet from this very Monastery. With more than seven different colleges running directly under it, Deprug is a Monastery of great significance in Tibet.

Major attractions: Drepung Monastery

*Four Zhacangs
*Architecture of the monastery and courtyards
*Ganden Potrang(residence of former Dalai Lamas)
*Coqen hall
*Cultural relics and paintings

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