Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street is a city in Lhasa old and far from modernization. The streets surrounding the divine Jokhang temple, Barkhor is a city to get an idea of ancient Tibet. An area made up of narrow streets and pilgrims circumambulating it, this street is a story of Tibetan lifestyle. About a kilometer walk in the street rounding Jokhang temple, witness a friendly side of Tibet here.

There are four large Sangkanks (incense burners) in the four cardinal directions of the street where incense is burning continuously to please the gods protecting Jokhang, and also providing a vibrant scent to this whole area. The Tromzikang is an important and busy market in Barkhor. These stone-paved streets have a history of Tibet and have an inspirational side to motivate you too. Open to visitors around the world these streets also have the seat of State Oracle in Lhasa.

One can visit the market for a near study of these local people here. Although Barkhor Street doesn’t cover a lot of areas, it is a place with hundreds of new experiences waiting for you. Tibetan Thangkas decorate the streets as an artistic theatre. To experience Barkhor’s grandeur words isn’t enough. One must visit these streets to perceive the beauty of Barkhor and ancient Lhasa.

You can buy out a few hours of the trip to walk around Barkhor. This very street is home to the older Lhasa reflecting History and culture. A walk around Barkhor Street is the completion of 1-kora or a circumambulation that is performed around Buddhist sites. So Barkhor Street visit gives you two different fruits from one stone. Barkhor Street also holds many shops from where you can get souvenirs. Get one as a remembrance of this epic destination achieved.

Major Attractions

Jokhang Temple

Souvenir shops

Decorative Streets


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