Yamdrok Lake is over 45 miles long and the most substantial sacred water body in Tibet. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Yamdrok Lake has reflections of these peaks like diamonds in water. Similarly, with a power station that is largest in Tibet, this lake is pretty vital to the people here too. Yamdrok Lake is a transformation of a goddess according to the local mythology. This graceful Fan shaped lake is broad in the south while narrowing to the north.
This lake lying in the mountain has thousands of islands inside it. Among this island, our largest island is about 3,000 sq kilometers Big. As Tibetan peoples believe and worship many mountains and lakes they think that these are the dwelling places of deities. They also feel that these places consist of spiritual power. With these alluring sights and scenery surrounding the lake, you can’t deny these historical claims.

The aquatic ecosystem is rich in Yamdrok Lake with recent exploitation commercially with the growing population. Fishers from April to October fish in these lakes and sell them to Lasha, about hundred kilometers west of Yamdrok Lake. Besides this lake also provides a green pasture for the local herdmen.

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