Everest Base camp from Tibetan side was used exclusively by the British Everest expedition teams in 1924 AD. The Mt. Everest Base Camp site still has a couple of permanent structure and an army base. Ascend the small hill full of prayer flags and small shrines also for the view of the star attraction. Similarly, at the Base camp, you will see a marker showing Mt. Qomolangma Base Camp and its height are 5200 meters above sea level.
From the base camp, you can observe the Majestic Mt. Everest in its Northen glory.

A tiny flat land at an altitude of 5,200 meters, Many people might experience high altitude sickness as acclimatization takes time. But all the headache and Nausea clears up by the Herbal Tibetan Tea and glorious view of Mt. Qomolangma. Qomolangma is a Tibetian Name for this highest peak in the world. One can’t drive all the way to the Base camp. So, they must stop at a tent camp a few kilometers from Rongbuk Monastery. One can start trek from here as the elevation gain is only about 200 meters. On about one km mark you will reach Guru Rinpoche meditation cave. The monks here will allow you to a tiny chapel inside the cave.

Most of the people are recently trying to conquer the Everest. As grueling and unforgiving the ascend is as beautiful is the scenery around Everest. Right from the Northen base camp, you can also view four other peaks above 8000 meters. The whole range looks like heaven and to the horizon, you can see the snow capped mountains.

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