Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash in the Kailash Range (Gangdise Mountains) is one of the holiest Mountains in the whole of Asia. A remote but majestic Mt. Kailash is also an important pilgrimage site for the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Bon religions. At an elevation of 6,714 meters, it has distinct four snow-covered sides.

A holy site where we can see Heaven in our reach is surrounded by other beautiful gifts of Nature. Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal are near Mt. Kailash which is a source of significant rivers in Asia such as The Indus, Brahmaputra, Ghagharta, and Karnali.

Pilgrims circle the mountains with their offerings to respect and show devotion towards the mountain. Pilgrims from Nepal, China, Bhutan, and India visit these mountains every year. Completing a circle, around the holy mountain washes off all your sins and sufferings. All the pilgrims and devotees believe and perform rituals in the same manner. People also bathe in the lake of Manasarovar to achieve salvation in their lives. In the Tibetan Year of the Horse, most numbers of pilgrims visit Mt. Kailash.

As it’s a severe Taboo to climb Mt. Kailash, No pilgrims ascend this peak. But you can enjoy the beautiful nature and home of god from a distance and admire its beauty. Similarly, you will experience some of the most spiritual and divine moments in the lap of this sacred mountain.

Major Attractions

Lake Manasarovar

Lake Rakshastal


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