Shigatse is a prefecture-level city lying about 280 kilometers southwest of Lasha. Samzhubze district is also the center of Shigatse and is the second largest city in Tibet after Lasha. Home to many historical monuments and monasteries Shigatse also has one of the five airports in Tibet. Also nicknamed as the Northen gateway to Everest, you have to start from here to reach the Base Camp. Shigatse is the granary of Tibet and an important cultural center of the nation. Home to many vital Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet, Pilgrims around the glove visit this city. People traveling from Lasha to Gyantse has to get pass through here, so it is an important mid-point between them.

Translated as “The fertile Land,” Shigatse has diverse yet mind-boggling landscapes and scenery. People who love to peek characteristic Tibetan lifestyle and culture also mostly visit Shigatse. As a central point of the most tour, people disperse from here to their other destinations. Similarly, after returning Shigats eprovides them a relaxing nature and facilitate them with Tibetan cuisine. Tibetan cuisine mostly consists of medicinal herbs for the betterment of your health. A perfect base to reach new heights in your journey, Shigatse is a perplexing Delight to your memories.

*Major Attractions

-Tashilumpo Monastery(Traditional seat of Panchen Lamas)
-Sakya Monastery
-Roebuck Monastery
-Everest Base Camp

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