Norbulingka lies southwest of Potala Palace in western Lasha. In summer season Norbulingka was the residence of the former Dalai Lamas of Tibet. In Tibetan, Norbulingka means ‘Jeweled Park,’and this palace is a jewel of Tibet. Embedding an area of 36 hectors Norbulingka is the most extensive garden in Tibet. Similarly, Norbulingka consists of 374 rooms which were enough for any royal Ceremonies.

Norbulingka palace is also in the UNESCO world heritage site list. The architecture of the palace is great, and the garden around Norbulingka completes its looks. The flower gardens and lakes have combined nature with this beautiful palace. Norbulingka is also a historical monument, and one can learn about the life of different Dalai Lamas from this palace. Situated at an elevation of 3,650 metersNorbulingka palace also provides breathtaking sceneries and mountain views.

A Tibetan festival of Shoton Festival or ‘Yogurt Festival’ takes place at Norbulingka. Norbulingka is free of any tickets and charges in the Shoton festival. Singing, dancing and different Tibetan drama performances are also the major attraction of these festivals. Norbulingka is a hub of art and culture; You must visit this Jeweled park and relive your Tibetan visit.

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