Alongside Sera and Deprug monasteries Ganden Monastery is one of the three great Gelug university monasteries in Tibet. Situated in the hills about 25 miles northeast of Lasha, Ganden also means ‘Joyful’ in the Tibetan language. Sadly in the cultural revolution of 1969 complete Destruction of Ganden Monastery took place. The present structure of the monastery is a mixture of ruins and reconstructed buildings. A monastery with such significant history and standing now remains as the relic of the tragic events that occurred here in the 19th century. Reforms and reconstruction also have made the monasteries habitable again with 400 monks residing it.

The Ganden Monastery contained about two dozen chapels with large Buddha sculptures within them. Similarly, the 14th Dalai Lama completed his graduation from the same Monastery. There are essential artifacts related to great Tsongkhapa in the monastery houses. Ganden Monastery also houses many relics significant to the Tibetan Buddhism. Having an area thrice larger than the Potala Palace, Ganden Monastery was the center of Gelug or ‘Ganden Lug’ tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Major Attractions-

-Serdung containing the tomb of Tsongkhapa
-Ngam Cho Khang( chapel where Tsongkhapa taught)
-Tsokchen Assembly Hall

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