Jokhang Temple is by far one of the most visited spiritual centers in Tibet. Located in Barkhor Square, Lasha Jokhang Temple is one of the most essential and sacred temples to the Tibetan people. If you are in a tour of Lasha city, Jokhang Temple is in the top of the list for you. Built by King Songtsan Gyampo in the 7th century for his two brides: The Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti and Tang princess Wencheng, Jokhang Temple is a giant Architectural brilliance in its own. A cauldron of mixed architecture including Chinese, Tibetan, Nepalese and Mandala Jokhang Temple is indeed a masterpiece.

Jokhang Temple, unlike the Potala Palace, is still in use. It holds a great significance in conserving Tibetan Buddhism in Lasha. The main building is a four-stroyed Temple with roofs with gilded bronze tiles. You can see a Dharma Wheel( wheel of life) held by two deer which symbolize Sakyamuni Buddha himself. One of the most valuable parts is the main hall of the temple with a statue of 12-year-old Shakyamuni Buddha.

You can buy out a few hours of the trip to walk around Barkhor. This very street is home to the older Lasha reflecting History and culture. A walk around Barkhor street is the completion of 1-kora or a circumambulation that is performed around Buddhist sites. So Barkhor street visit gives you two different fruits from one stone. Visiting the Jokhang temple, you will also get a chance to meet the pilgrims with their prayer wheels. It is a great experience to peek into ancient Buddhist tradition.

Bakhor street also holds many shops from where you can get souvenirs. Get one as a remembrance of this epic destination achieved. All in all Jokhang temple and surrounding are both a unique and positive way to highlight your Tibet tour.

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