Constructed on 775 AD under the patronage of King Trisong Detsen, Samye Monastery is the oldest Gompa in China. Located in Dranang, Lhoka Samye Monastery has a great history and beautiful scenic Landscapes surrounding it. Architecture wise one of the best in the world, there are many modern Monasteries inspired by Samye Monastery.

Syame means unexpected or with surprise in the Tibetan language. This place is the one to surprise you with new experiences once you get there. A history of surviving about 1200 years, Samye Monastery is one of the most influential monasteries in Tibet. Only about 38 kilometers from Tsedang, Samye is a place to relax and blend in with Nature.

Covering over 25,000 square meters in the area Samye monastery also holds many components of ancient Tibetan Buddhism. The old structure of the Samye Monastery is no longer present due to Revolutions, civil war, fire, and earthquakes it faced in its long-standing history. The significant structure now, however, is one of the most exquisite architecture amongst the monasteries in Tibet.

According to myths, Guru Rinpoche made the monastery by dancing and taught a local spirit protector. He then left the monastery under his protection, who will later be Dorje Drakden. Samye Monastery has an oval shape as the shape of the universe in Buddhist scriptures. With the elegant architecture and a collection of ancient Tibetan history, Samye Monastery is a center of attraction for the pilgrims and tourists visiting this land to explore the ancient Tibetan Buddhist world.

Major Attractions-

-Thangkas and Murals inside the Monastery
-Overall architecture- a mixture of Tibetan, Chinese and Indian architecture
-Debates of the monks at the Debate Hall

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